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Which pyramid to use for home vastu rectification?

. Center of the house


Center of the house called brahmasthan. Here first cosmic energy enters in the house or building. Following are the pyramids to be used to get more positive effects.







 Promex 3G


2. When kitchen, Master bedroom, Study room, Staircase, Prayer room
      are located in wrong location use shift max pyramid.

Right location of functions are:
Kitchen: South-east corner
Master bedroom: Southwest corner
Prayer room: Northeast corner
Staircase: West of the house
Study rm or Home office: Northwest corner



 3.Main entrance in wrong location:

If main entrance is located in wrong direction install following pyramids


 If door is located in following direction such as,
Northwest, West, Southwest, South and Southeast
use Pyra band pyramid at the header of the door as
shown in figure to stop negative energy coming from that

 Also use Protect inside and Protect outside pyramid as
shown in figure above.

 4. Fortune door:



Fortune door you can activate at
these locations of door with FORTUNE DOOR PYRAMID 
to receive positive energy from cosmos from these directions.
See figure below

  • First take length and width of the house and draw plan on paper
  • Then divide each side and make nine part on paper
  • Select positive location to achieve right purpose with help of Fortune door
    from figure below



5. Vastu Fence:

Vastu fence is created with pyramids buried them in the ground around the house.
We need to protect building from inside as well as from outside. We need to protect building from natural calamity, negative energy from neighbor, hospitals, jail, police station, cemetery and religious building.



6. How to remove Bathroom negativity?


 Natron Pyramid

 In all custom homes or apartments we have bathroom is connected to Bedroom.
Elimination from human body do discharge negative energy in interior space.
The way to eliminate negative energy from Bathroom is by installing Natron Pyramid.
As shown above this Natron pyramid is only 3 inch x 3 inch and can be mounted under sink or on wall. The way it works is you fill sea salt and replace every month in Natron dome. Sea salt is able to absorb negative energy as per Vastu.
Also mount Pyraband srip pyramid at  header of Bathroom door.
Pyraband does help to stop negative energy going from one room to another.
See sketch below.







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