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PROTECT OUTSIDE 9 X 9-Must for front door PROTECTION

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Mystic Benefits:

  • Protect evil energy, from door or windows
  • Must for front door, or a wall to protect from Veedhi Shoola, Dwar vedha
  • It helps to protect your home, factory or shop
  • Also it protects from incomplete building construction, heavy transformeror water on wrong side.
  • Protect 9x9 is recommended for outside use only. It can be fixed on wall, the wall in multiple of 3 or 9 depending on the strength of the defect.
  • Very easy to use, just place between your two hands and make a intense wish of the purpose - your wish can be for more business, health, children protection, or just simple as all protection from evil power and bring good luck from all directions, and stick on wall.




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